Deton explosives

The company Deton Ltd. is specialized in operations using explosives:

Deton Ltd. is specialized in the use of explosives in operations:
Felling hard and compact rocks in an urban centre with seismic monitoring.
Engineering works for rock excavations: trenches, basins, tunnels, quarries and mines, reclamation of crumbling rocks.
Controlled demolition of civil and various industrial structures.

The company's technical staff is able to design interventions with explosives aimed at maximum results and full operational safety.


Deton Ltd. operates throughout Italy from Puglia to Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, and Sardinia and has been involved for several years in the demolition of concrete buildings and structures with the use of explosives.


Deton Ltd. sells to businesses and employs industrial explosives that have been approved by the Ministry of the Interior. Deton explosives are reliable and always on the cutting edge, for specific and safe interventions in many Italian regions.


Deton Explosives Ltd. also deals with the remediation of boulders, rock faces and/or collapsing structures with the use of explosives, to safeguard public safety of people and/or things.

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